Pure Health CrossFit

At Pure Health Performance, our goal is to help people improve not only in their sport, but all around.  We have trained athletes to reach the highest levels in power lifting and weightlifting, and while we have always valued metabolic conditioning, we’ve moved it into a more prominent focus with the introduction of Pure Health CrossFit.

The aim of Pure Health CrossFit (PHC) is to get individuals better at a multitude of things.  The concept of CrossFit is to train all an individual’s metabolic pathways in one group of exercises.  The model of CrossFit is to work out as a group and better yourself by having accountability with your workouts.  PHC understands that it is impossible to get GREAT at ALL things within the realms of fitness.  With CrossFit the aim to go get good at many things. Initially upon being introduced to a new type of fitness, massive gains should be seen, but these gains will plateau within 3 months of seeing them, as your body will simply adapt to the new stimulus.  Continuing to grow and get better will require more and different stimuli.


The model we follow is a strategic plan to prepare individuals prepared to perform as well as they want to.  If you are comfortable just coming to the gym on a regular basis to get “fitter” and enjoy life more, we are there for you.  If you are content to come by the gym, and learn a few things, then possibly move on to a more competitive concept, we can handle that, too.  If your grand plan is to compete at any level in CrossFit, we can help you as well.  However, it must first be understood that these three individuals will have three distinctly different types of training.  They all want different outcomes, giving all three of them the same routine, and hoping it all just works out is simply not going to work.

CrossFit encapsulates four different movement types: Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Aerobic capacity.  As was said before, upon starting CrossFit for the first time, individuals will see a substantial spike in their abilities in all four of these movements.  This is the human bodies amazing ability to respond to new stimulus.  Strength gains will come quick and even easy.  Your ability to do more in less time will be noticeable in the first 3-4 months of any exercise routine.  It’s after this first 3-4 months that everything will slow down.


After these 3-4 months, the body will have adapted to your training routine, and now you will have to work harder to see the adaption.  PHC recognizes this concept, and we have specially trained weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and aerobic capacity coaches that can help with those who may find themselves stuck in a rut.  For example, if an individual wants to specifically get better at weightlifting, they must focus primarily on weightlifting for a period to force the body to adapt to the increased stimulus presented.  Just doing more of the same will only yield more of the same.

PHC also has a policy of making all movements as safe as they possibly can.  Under this mindset, we choose to not program high rep Olympic lifting movements or high rep power lifting movements in the workouts. Unless the individual is specifically training for competitions, there is no reason to risk injury in doing these movements.


PHC will deliver Open prep starting Mid October every year to begin prepping individuals who plan on doing the CrossFit Open.  These prep workouts will have powerlifting and Olympic lifting movements in them, as CrossFit is expected program these movements into the open workouts.

So, if you are new to CrossFit, we are the place for you.  We offer the ability to learn the movements from individuals who are specifically trained in all the CrossFit movements.  Also, we have a safe and proven method of helping individuals attain a higher level of fitness with great outcome, and minimal risk of injury.


If you want to move forward and possibly compete at CrossFit, or have done CrossFit in the past, and are feel like you are no longer moving forward in your training, we can help you get better, or move to the competitive level.  We have individuals who have competed at multiple local competitions over the years.  We know what it takes to move you beyond what you may even imagine.

Your membership to Pure Health Performance allows you a unique experience in that we have individuals who are highly skilled at all the movements needed to become as fit as you want to be, under one roof.

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