So you have a fitness goal… so does everyone else. What sets you apart are things that you are willing to do to help you to reach those goals. Getting a little better every day is a good thing. However, to really achieve your fitness goals, you need to want it, to make small steps forward in a way that is well designed, and sets you up to make those goals both achievable and possible!

Michael Jordan said “Some people want it to happen; some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

Pure Health Performance is designed to help you along your way to make your fitness goals happen. If you want to move your power-lifting total up, if your desire is to add weight to your Olympic lifts, get in better conditioning for your triathlon, decrease time in track or increase distance in field events, jump higher, or be a more able bodied person – these are all admirable goals, and we can help you move towards them.

One key fundamental to getting better at any sport is core to extremity movements. Weight Lifting: a fundamental at nearly every division one college and pro level program in America. Weight lifting has fundamentals that translate to every sport there is, it teaches core to extremity movements, which is a key function that every top level athlete must learn. To properly do the snatch and clean and jerk, many components are combined: strength, balance, agility, power, speed, and momentum. Our programming will teach you all of this and more, the only limit is the time you are willing to put in.

Simple, yet effective, our approach to intro strength and power lifting is to increase your strength in every way possible. The three core lifts dead-lift, bench press, and squat are fundamental movements that have translated to overall strength gains for nearly one hundred years.

So what brand of fitness will get you to your goals, what style of exercise and conditioning will increase your performance? This is the million dollar question. As previously mentioned, Weight lifting will make you better at nearly anything you can think of. On top of Weight lifting, there are many things that should be programmed to help achieve goals faster. Take nothing off the table in striving to get better. The fitness program that is right for you is just that: a program that is right for you. No exercise program is inherently good or bad, they just are specific to tasks at hand. Pure health performance does not offer any magic formulas. We do not house the secret to supplementation and nutrition. However, we do have the skills to teach you to work hard, over-come doubt, push you to your limits, and make the best possible you that you can be.

These are the results we promise, these are the results we seek.

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