At Pure Health Performance, our members include weight lifters, powerlifters, strongmen,  triathletes, CrossFit® competitors, runners, youth athletes, and people who just want to get in shape.

With this much diversity, we can’t help but offer several different classes to meet the different needs of our athletes. All of our classes incorporate injury prevention measures to ensure our members can not only see results, but continue to stay in the game!

Please check out our class schedule for times/coaches.

Pure Health Barbell

Weight Lifting – a tailored class program that allows for development of the snatch and clean & jerk movements

Powerlifting – a powerlifting program that allows athletes to develop in the squat, bench, and deadlift motions.

Pure Health CrossFit

CrossFit – a high-intensity metabolic conditioning class program to develop strength as well as cardiovascular health

Specialty Classes

Saturday Community WOD – For those of us at Pure Health Performance, fitness is more than just an expensive hobby, it’s a right that should be available to anyone who wants to pursue it. That’s why we’re open every Saturday at 9:15AM for a FREE community workout.

Yoga – a vinyasa flow class developed to incorporate flexibility, recovery, and stress relief for our athletes sore and tired bodies!

Baby Bootcamp – a Tues/Thurs morning class tailored to those that want to work  on postpartum recovery and general fitness on a limited schedule

Women’s Wine & WOD – Ladies’ Night! A monthly workout event for women to come out, train, and enjoy their favorite bottle with friends!

Bros & Brews – A monthly, heavy training day for the gents. Think “boys night out,” except this bar has weight on it!