“Growing up I was always decently strong.  Playing sports in high school and college had set up a good base for me when it came to weightlifting and strength training.  After I finished playing college football, there was something missing.  The camaraderie and feeling of being a part of a team was gone.

Daniel would hold small powerlifting meets in his garage every so often.  These were some of my first strength competitions.  After a couple meets he developed a program for me to follow.  I loved the progress I was making and realized that strength sports would be a way for me to compete again.  PHP has helped patch that void with my strength sport training. 

I feel like the programming from Daniel, and the support from the other gym members has catapulted me into the strength athlete I am today. The atmosphere around the gym is nothing short of positive and uplifting.  I’m a firm believer in being a product of your surroundings.  I consider the members of PHP not only teammates, but family as well.”

– Blake Pruter, National Qualifying Strongman

“Pure Health Performance has provided exceptional programming to increase my strength, offers personalized coaching and cultivates a competitive and encouraging atmosphere. When I started at PHP I couldn’t have imagined what I would accomplish as a performance athlete. I barely knew how to bench or deadlift, but in two years PHP has taken me full circle and helped me reach goals and compete at the top level in powerlifting. PHP is a great place to build foundations, improve technique and develop strength in lifting!”

– Jessa Weekley, 2016 USPA World Silver-Medalist

“I was introduced to Pure Health Performance and its members in December of 2015. I was a novice in the Powerlifting world, but eager to learn. After talking with Daniel about the upcoming performance team, I knew I had just become a part of something special.

To say that PHP is just a gym would be wildly inaccurate. PHP is a community, a safe space, a place to ask questions and learn. Most of all, PHP is a family. The environment is always an uplifting one. During a heavy lift everyone is giving encouragement, even the members you haven’t met yet. The coaches devote their time to programming and reviewing videos for feedback while being athletes themselves.

I’m honored to be able to represent PHP as a competitive athlete. I’ve learned a lot, grown as an athlete and gained some new family.”

– Nancy Honeysuckle, 2016 USPA World Competitor

“Pure Health Performance is a fun, positive atmosphere with excellent coaching.  PHP coaches have high personal standards, and knowledge around fitness and nutrition; approaching general fitness and athletes differently.  They will educate and inspire you to be a better version of yourself every day.  When I walk through the door I fully trust Daniel’s programming to keep me healthy and progressing towards my goals.  I love our PHP family!”

– Marla McPhail, Invitation-only Qualifying Masters Weight Lifter

I have always been an active person but with getting older (currently 58), things continue to get more challenging but I’m not willing to give up or quit exercising. I started CrossFit in 2013 and really enjoyed the variety it had to offer. I have always loved lifting and so the lifting part of CF was something I wanted to improve and get stronger.

I had heard of Daniel West as a trainer and that he was good at what he does. I was one of the first members that joined Pure Health Performance (PHP) when it opened in 2015. I found out that what I heard about Daniel being a great, knowledgeable and caring trainer was true. He writes programs for all different scenarios in the gym like Weightlifting, Power Lifting, Strongman, or just to get healthier and stronger. PHP also really cares about the health and safety of the athletes. He will tell you to go home and rest if he feels like that’s what you need to do.

I have gone to the Granite Games as a CrossFitter (a competition with a qualifier to attend) and broke OK state records and National records in my age/weight class in Olympic weightlifting. I did it with Daniel’s programming and strength training at PHP.

We are never too old to get stronger and better!”

– Debbie Strobel, Masters National Gold-Medalist
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