To say “Thank you” is not enough

No man is an Island

–English Proverb



When Jeremiah and I decided to open Php, it was just an idea on some paper (actually, many pieces of scrap paper). We did some canvasing and asked if people, clients, and friends would be interested in a gym of our vision and most said yes. We opened up and started teaching power lifting and weightlifting to all those willing to listen.

Fast foward 5 months later to our first competition:

  • 32 amazing athletes came to compete from 7+ gyms
  • Over 80 spectators throughout the day
  • Custom medals, decals, and shirts given as prizes with our logo on it
  • Dozens of PR’s set by our athletes and many others
  • And an overall great time…

To say we did it all alone would be the boldest of lies. So let me drop some knowledge bombs and give you the real scoop:

You like our logo? Did you like the bad ass medal you may or may not be wearing around your house or work this morning? Did you like the light box, the jerk blocks, the platforms, or the general set up? If the answer is Yes, you can thank Bryan Freeman next time you see him. Having athletes and friends like this guy, that will go to great lengths to help out is truly a blessing!

How about the loaders, judges, or your spotters? 2 of the spotters, Zeb (the hulk like man Zercher squatting you to safety) and Mandi drove in from Texas just to help us out at the competition and Daniel Smith, the guy with the flowing, Samson like locks, came all day and judged just because. Ryan Meyer was there just to watch one of the competitors, but offered to jump in and help load when we needed a little extra muscle for loading.

Some of the helpers were probably not noticed at all, but only because they were athletes competing at the event. Scott and Jessa, when they were taking a break from sending weights to heaven, helped relay numbers back and forth, keep the hospitality room going, and ran the light box to keep the meet running as smooth as possible, even though they were exhausted from lifting all the weights!

And as I write this she tells me not to thank her, but Kaleigh definitely stepped up to the plate and ran that excel spreadsheet like a boss and kept me and Daniel Smith honest with out Kilogram math.

And last but not least, thank you to everyone that stayed and helped put the gym back together again (even after you had just got done lifting).

That being said, a special thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of these folks and our athletes! A coach is nothing without athletes to coach and this gym wouldn’t be what it is without all of our dedicated athletes and members who, for the past 5 months (some much longer), have consistently trusted my programming and pushed themselves to new PR’s, life goals, and poured themselves into Pure Health and helped it grow.

Thank you to all the athletes that came from other gyms and to those that traveled in from out of town for this event.

  • Crossfit T-Town
  • Valor Strength and Fitness
  • Crossfit Vital
  • Crossfit 51
  • Crossfit Bartlesville
  • Pure health performance
  • Ground Zero Crossfit

Special thanks to Valor Strength and Fitness for spreading the word about our event!

Also, another huge thank you to all of our sponsors that gave items to throw in the gift bags:

So to say thank you for making our vision come true, allowing us to coach such amazing athletes, and for letting us be apart of your athletic development is not enough, but know that when we say it ,we truly mean it!

So here’s to just the start of something big! Our athletes have come such a long way in such a short amount of time and I cannot wait to see where the numbers are at our next meet!

That being said, Pure Health Performance will be starting a competition team in the new year. This team will be composed of athletes around town or at the gym dedicated to going out and competing in whatever sport they choose. Our vision for this team is to set aside extra times during the week to get this group of dedicated competitors together to lift, helping to play off of each other and push each other to new PR’s and competition goals. You do not have to belong to Pure Health Performance to be a part of this team, so if you are interested, please private message us or email us for more information and details!!

Again, Thank everyone so much for making the event what it was, and make sure and use the first part of this week to hit some yoga flows to help recover and stretch out.

Make sure to stop by tonight at 7 p.m tonight for some recovery yoga, especially if you competed this weekend!

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