Mid-Week Mobility: Traveling Yoga Flow

While you think you’re green,  you’ll grow. When you think you’re ripe, you begin to get rotten.


Traveling to Houston and watching the 2015 IWF World Championship was an absolute blast and I took a lot away from it, but the biggest thing I learned is that even World Champions fail and that is okay. Often times we get into the habit and mind set that we need to come in and crush weights, PR, and increase everything about our lifts. While this is the absolute best mind set to have, this sets us up for an inevitable failure. The sport of weightlifting is a cruel lover, one minute things are good and you are on top of the world, and next minute she takes everything you have and puts it out on the side walk. This realization usually comes on those days that you are supposed to come in and hit max attempts or when you are throwing weight around at another gym and you end up looking like you don’t even lift. The point I want to make, and that reflects on the quote above, is that we are always in a constant state of learning. I watched the world’s greatest, in multiple weight classes, fail attempts well below that of their maxes. Were they pissed? Of course they were, especially when they struck out. Are they going to dwell on it? Maybe for the day, but then they will take what happened and they will learn from it, because that’s what you do; chalk the day up to a loss (1 point for the weights) and come in tomorrow and bang your head against that proverbial wall until you break it down.

Now that we have covered all that, let’s talk about traveling for the holidays! Everyone knows that hours in the car just does wonders for your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back, and even though not being able to walk properly feels so lovely, we thought we would provide everyone with a yoga flow to loosen that area up pre/post car ride to help you look like a normal human that is capable of walking upright.



Also, remember that Monday is the deadline to sign up for the PHP Super Total Lift-Off, so make sure and click the link for more information on how to get registered and compete!

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