Getting flexy with nutrition

Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience.

–Denis Waitley

For the past several months the coaches at Pure Health have dedicated their spare time to furthering our knowledge basis into the realm of nutrition and macro planning (this is me giving myself a digital pat on the back). We did this for a numerous amount of reasons, but the most influential being the need of our growing athlete base for a more scientific approach to nutrition to pair with our programming we already provide in-house. You see, like I touched on last week, it is one thing to start by kicking ass in the gym, but there comes a time when we have to start adding in more and more things to the equation in order to get the best outcome possible (if you want to be the best, you have to do everything possible to get there).

So, the following is what we have come up with in order to better serve our athletes, clients, and the surrounding community with the best sports nutrition information available.*NOTE*: Like I have mentioned before, we are not registered dietitians and do not claim to be such. If you have a long term chronic diseases that require special diets or supplementation, it is always best to seek help of a specialist in the field of nutrition (this would be a Registered Dietitian or you Medical Doctor).  

PHP Nutrition

We are extremely excited to start offering this service and ensure you the best possible nutritional information and practices available. Please contact us at for inquires about the program or to get on the list to take the next step in your ever-evolving performance journey (initial information and processing will take 4-7 days to process before receiving your initial plan)!!


Since we have all of that exciting news out of the way, we wanted to throw a nice yoga flow with some twisting variations at you this week. This flow works extremely well to mobilize the hips, lower back, and knees, as well as focuses a little on shoulder/wrist mobility for those of us that need it!


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