Carpe Diem

As a child, you are taught a seemingly impossible task, walking. Think about it, the ability to be bipedal is there, but the hours of dedication it takes in order to get upright is astronomical, but eventually, everyone is able to do it.

I mention this because think about how impossible it must seem at the time and yet everyone accomplished it. If this is true, then why do we forget this determination, this ability to dream so big, as we age and replace it with the limitations set by our doubts and by others. We make large goals and aspirations only to let others wash them away with what is masked as “logical” and “realistic goals.”

We step up to the rack, to the pool, to the platform, etc. and we work, and then we say “well, that was good enough.” NO, unless that bar is on the ground, unless that time was beat, until you have tried, failed, and tried again, it was not good enough.

Because think about it…

How can you be hungry for something you have never had a taste of?

You can’t, and if you can’t, then that would make failure the first step toward success.

So as you go into your max out Friday, remember that every rep, every lap, every pull counts and failure is the only thing that can make you hungry for more.

Dream the dreams of the great and let no one limit you from making these a reality.

Breaking Our Backs Yoga Flow

So as many of you may know, our yoga instructor (Kaleigh) has two herniated discs in her low back. Today we’ve decided to post a video that focuses on yoga postures/exercises that can be done to help strengthen and alleviate pain from the low back region, beneficial for those who just have aches and pains or who have bulged or herniated discs.

You’ll notice a lot of flexion and extension (aka bending and arching) of the spine throughout the video. These motions can be difficult (but extremely beneficial) for someone dealing with low back pain, so we encourage everyone to move through them gently and only to the extent that’s comfortable for you. It’s important to never “force” a posture (by pulling yourself deeper into a stretch) as this can exacerbate a bulged or herniated disc. Also, always keep the core tight to protect the spine, especially if attempting any twisting positions (skip these if twisting causes pain). These stretches should NEVER be painful.

Lastly, we are not doctors, so participate at your own risk. 🙂

Gregory Alan Isakov – The Stable Song
James Arthur – Certain Things

Gym updates:

We will be closed today and tomorrow due to Coach J having some continuing education to attend and myself taking some athletes up to Kansas City to learn some lifting from a pro.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but all classes and the gym will resume normal operations on Monday!

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